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It’s good to be home!

I got home very late last night after a few days in Scottsdale at a continuing education course.  It’s good to be home.  I woke up this morning looking forward to the Saints game, and thinking about what to make … Continue reading

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Grilled Chicken Roulade

I’m not sure it’s appropriate to call this a roulade, it’s really just a stuffed chicken breast.  Roulade sounds better, though, so why not?  This is a VERY simple recipe.  Take a skinless, boneless chicken breast and pound it thin. … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken

We eat roast chicken quite often. Everyone in our family loves this simple, delicious comfort food. It is often said that the ability to prepare a pleasing roast chicken is one of the gauges of a good cook. Roast chicken … Continue reading

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Easter Lunch

We enjoyed Easter lunch at Dad’s house, after the annual egg hunt.  Lunch included ham, turkey, baked macaroni, green beans, and a variety of other tasty dishes.  As my brother Andrew expertly carved the turkey, Irene lamented that her presentation … Continue reading

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Braised Chicken

I prepared this chicken from a recipe in Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc cookbook.  It is a classic braise, with the inclusion of some ‘exotic’ aromatics including fennel and green olives.  The recipe called for thighs, but I used thighs and … Continue reading

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Chicken dinner

I’m not sure how I prepared this chicken- I think it was grilled, maybe spatchcocked first? We served it with braised new potatoes- they were delicious! Sauteed green beans completed the meal.  I blanched them first, then sauteed in olive … Continue reading

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CSA time!

Last week, we signed up for an organic produce delivery service. I don’t think it’s a true CSA, as the produce is not all locally sourced, but it should introduce some new vegetables to our household, if nothing else. We … Continue reading

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