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It’s good to be home!

I got home very late last night after a few days in Scottsdale at a continuing education course.  It’s good to be home.  I woke up this morning looking forward to the Saints game, and thinking about what to make … Continue reading

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Rye Bread

I have been experimenting with baking more this year, since Ruhlman began to emphasize it on his blog in January.  I’ve made a few different breads he describes, with good results.  Most recently, I made rye bread with caraway seeds. … Continue reading

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Here are a couple of dishes incorporating tomatoes from our garden. A classic caprese salad with tomatoes and basil from our garden and fresh mozzarella. I dressed it with good olive oil and a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Tomatoes … Continue reading

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Pizzas for dinner

Decided to make pizza for dinner tonight. No description, just photos- details in earlier pizza post. Pizza Margherita Sausage, sweet peppers, and diced shallots – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Homemade pizza

It’s been a while since we made pizza at home, so I decided to take another crack at it last Sunday night. I used Mark Bittman’s recipe for pizza dough, taken from the How to Cook Everything iPhone app. It … Continue reading

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I’m not sure when I made this, I think it was part of a weeknight dinner with pork rib chops and a salad. Irrespective of that, bruschetta is versatile and satisfying. It all starts with good bread- hearty and crusty. … Continue reading

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MLK Day, 2011

Today was a rainy, dreary day in sunny Florida.  We all had the day off, but the weather pretty much relegated us to the house. For breakfast, I decided to take yet another crack at pancakes.  For a brief period of … Continue reading

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