Here’s a pic from dinner last night.  This meal was a good illustration of re-purposing on hand ingredients to create a new meal.

Dinner included grilled sausage and grilled vegetables, leftover from tailgating at the Saints-Jags game, along with polenta we made last night.  Always use long-cooking polenta- it is FAR superior top any of the quick-cooking varieties.  We threw together a salad to complete the meal.  The combination of grilled veggies and rich polenta was outstanding. Bill Buford wrote a great book called “Heat” about his foray into professional cooking for Mario Batali, among others.  Polenta is a recurring theme in the book, as he strives to learn to make perfect polenta.  He ultimately learns, while working at a small trattoria in Italy that once it comes together, you reduce the heat to as low as you can, and stir it occasionally, adding water when it becomes dry.  In restaurant kitchens in Italy, they constantly have a huge pot over low heat, and basically anyone who walks by give it a stir.  Within reason, the longer it cooks, the better.

Buford also wrote an incredible book called “Among the Thugs“, which detailed his experiences infiltrating a gang of English soccer hooligans in the early 1990’s.  I highly recommend both books!

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