Rye Bread

I have been experimenting with baking more this year, since Ruhlman began to emphasize it on his blog in January.  I’ve made a few different breads he describes, with good results.  Most recently, I made rye bread with caraway seeds.

I won’t belabor the recipe details; you can get those from Ruhlman.  I was pleased with the outcome.  The finished loaf was rich, toothsome, and satisfying, although it was a little heavy.  Im retrospect, I should probably have let it rise a little longer.  That’s the kind of judgment that will come with experience.

Baking bread is becoming a regular weekend project at our house.  It takes a few minutes to bring the dough together in the morning, it rises for a few hours, and you finish in the afternoon.  The absolutely mission-critical piece of equipment is a kitchen scale.  Ratios in baking are unforgiving, and volume measures of dry ingredients are too imprecise.  I like Ruhlman’s new iPad baking app.  It has recipes to keep me busy for a long time.  To avoid sounding like a shill I’ll spare you the link, but you can find it on his blog or the App Store.

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