Grilling with pancetta

I bought some pancetta recently to make an appetizer for a large group, and didn’t end up doing so. After about a week, I realized I had a fair amount of ripening pancetta in the fridge, so this is what I did with it.

The asparagus recipe is from Mario Batali’s excellent ‘Italian Grill’. You use a vegetable peeler to remove the outer skin from the bottom 3-4 inches of each asparagus spear. You then unroll each slice of pancetta (this is hard to describe, but Batali’s iPhone app illustrates it well) and wrap the peeled end of the asparagus. To unroll the pancetta, take the slice, look for the ‘joint’ between fat and lean, and lowly peel it into a 1.5 inch strip, rather than a cohesive slice.

After peeling some medium shrimp to the tail, I wrapped them as I did the asparagus.

I cooked everything on an auxiliary, smaller opening grill grate/pan which I placed on the grates of my very hot gas grill. The pan was a gift/regift from my mom, who reclaimed it from my brother Andrew after realizing he never used it. I must admit I’ve always been skeptical of these pans, but the asparagus and shrimp were fantastic.

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