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Jambalaya for a crowd

My friend Tom Dantin was killed in a car accident on May 12th. He was a wonderful guy; devoted husband and father of 3, and the world is a darker, less interesting place without him. The last couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Pizzas for dinner

Decided to make pizza for dinner tonight. No description, just photos- details in earlier pizza post. Pizza Margherita Sausage, sweet peppers, and diced shallots – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Napa cabbage slaw

This post is a bit out of order- I probably made this dish 4 or 5 weeks ago.  We got some Napa cabbage from our CSA, and I left is sit for about a week before figuring out what to … Continue reading

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Davis’ birthday cake

Here’s a rare post about someone else on my admittedly narcissistic blog.  Jen made this cake for Davis’ 10th birthday. In progress, with Alex as a backdrop. Finished product!  I know the 10 ball is not orange, but that’s what … Continue reading

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Grilling with pancetta

I bought some pancetta recently to make an appetizer for a large group, and didn’t end up doing so. After about a week, I realized I had a fair amount of ripening pancetta in the fridge, so this is what … Continue reading

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I previously posted a description of our quest to make a muffaletta here in Ponte Vedra Beach. On a different note, I must give credit to our dear friend Cheryl, proprietor of Bittersweet Confections, with introducing us to the concept … Continue reading

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Sbarro salad

This salad is ridiculously simple. It’s a MUCH better version of the tomato and cucumber salad available at mall food courts throughout the country. Nothing more than chunks of peeled cucumber and wedges of fresh garden tomatoes, garnished with oregano … Continue reading

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