Easter Dinner

We combined forces with our neighbors for dinner on Easter Sunday.  He is a great cook, and their family truly appreciates good food and wine.  I’m very short on pictures, as I was scrambling to get the meal together on time.

I roasted a leg of lamb, which I presented with delicious tomato marmalade from the Ad Hoc book.

We served the lamb with ‘asparagus coins’, made by thinly slicing asparagus on a mandoline (thanks mom), and sauteing in a skillet.  These were exceptional, and I plan to make them often.  The combination of haste and alcohol ingestion led to an ‘ER trip worthy’ slice of my right ring finger on the mandoline, but I was able to stanch the bleeding and finish the meal.  I will be more careful with the mandoline next time.

Starch came from fingerling potatoes, cooked over low heat in emulsified butter.  This technique, also from Ad Hoc, has promise, but it fell short because the potatoes were inadequately salted.  Maybe an email to Ruhlman could shed some light on the subject.

Rick grilled a beef tenderloin, and made some risotto and a refreshing salad.  The wine was exceptional, including a magnum of Tapestry cabernet that he opened for Jennifer’s birthday.  It was a memorable meal, and a great way to spend the holiday.

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