CSA time!

Last week, we signed up for an organic produce delivery service. I don’t think it’s a true CSA, as the produce is not all locally sourced, but it should introduce some new vegetables to our household, if nothing else.

We received our first delivery on Monday. It included some interesting items, including beets, Swiss chard, and parsnips. I decided to use the beets and chard for dinner tonight.

Per the included recipe from Palmetto Organics, I prepared the chard by removing the stems and chopping them. I sauteed the stems in olive oil until softened, and then added the torn leaves and cooked until wilted. After cooling the chard to room temp, I mixed it with some raw grated beets. With a little balsamic vinegar and some grated pecorino Romano, the salad was ready. Goat cheese would have been preferable, but I had pecorino on hand.

To accompany the salad, I browned some chicken breasts in the same skillet I cooked the chard in, after seasoning with salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary from the garden.

Boiled potatoes, seasoned with truffle oil, parsley, and thyme completed the meal.

The salad was a hit. The chard was a nice change of pace the wilted spinach that has become a standby in our house, but the beets added a earthy sweetness that made the dish much more interesting. The potatoes were solid, and the chicken breasts turned out prettier than any I’ve ever cooked.

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