A word about the header pictures

From left to right, here is a description of the pictures in the page header:

Rotisserie-roasted pork loin, from some event for a lot of people at our house.  Pork loin is a great choice for large groups.  It is relatively inexpensive, feeds lots of people, and is versatile and forgiving if you brine it prior to cooking.

Ratatouille, deconstructed– a version of ratatouille I created to make use of tomatoes, zucchini, and fresh herbs from our garden in the summer of 2010.

Duck tacos– I honestly can’t remember where the duck came from, but these tacos were inspired by an online video of ‘The Minimalist’, where Bittman made ‘Mexican street tacos.’  They introduced me to the virtues of corn tortillas, which have become my absolute favorite.  The trick is, you have to brown them slightly in a skillet to soften the texture and bring out the rustic flavor.

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic– a rich braised chicken that proved to be a hit when I posted pictures to FB.  I actually have a written recipe of this one, if you are interested.

Breakfast at Luke– one of John Besh’s restaurants in New Orleans.  We had breakfast there on the way to the Superdome for the Saints-Giants during the 2009 season.  It was fun, but perhaps a bit disappointing.  In ‘Kitchen Confidential’ Bourdain poses an interesting theory about staff at hotel restaurants on Sunday mornings- essentially saying that they are the most junior, inexperienced staff at the restaurant.  It showed that day at Luke, although we still had fun watching the Saints pound the Giants in the 5th game of the Super Bowl run.

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