Dinner in Colorado

Dinner in Colorado

We headed to Beaver Creek over the President’s Day weekend for a few days of skiing. It is not Jen’s favorite, but she is a gamer, and she plays along for the men she loves. After our first day of ski school, we returned to the house, tired and hungry. Dinner included a spatchcocked roast chicken, pan-roasted asparagus, and couscous with shallots and parsley.

To spatchcock, you remove the chicken’s backbone and flatten it out. I browned both sides in a skillet (after seasoning with salt and ground pepper), and finished in a 375 degree oven until cooked through. It’s sort of a ‘quickie roast chicken’. The pepper I used was from a peppercorn blend grinder, and it was quite good. It had a sort of sweet-savory component that was hard to identify, sort of like nutmeg. It added a great aroma and pleasant flavor.

To cook the asparagus, I par-boiled it first, and then roasted it in a skillet with salt, pepper, and some tangerine-infused olive oil.

When we went to the grocery, I focused on protein and vegetables, planning to come up with starches from the pantry ingredients at the house. This decision led me to try making couscous for the first time, and I loved it. It was less of a hit with the boys, although Jennifer also enjoyed it. I sautéed some diced shallots in a little olive oil, then added the a cup of couscous and stirred for about a minute. I then added 1 1/2 cups of boiling water, covered, and removed from the heat. I let it steep for about 15 minutes, and then added some chopped fresh parsley and a little pepper. I used the leftover cooking liquid from the asparagus as my water source, so this already salted water provided plenty of salt. I look forward to trying it again soon. Credit once again to Bittman’s iPhone app for the recipe.

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