Iced Tea

Had lunch with Jennifer on Wednesday at Urban Flats.  It’s a good place, with a fresh, contemporary menu, nice decor, and an interesting wine list.

What I found most notable about my meal on Wednesday, however, was a glass of iced tea with 3 pitiful, partial ice cubes floating in it.  I wasn’t in Europe, the problem was the server filled a glass of ice with a glass of just-brewed, steaming hot tea, and then carried it to the table as the ice melted into a ‘tea jus’.

This is a problem for a couple of reasons.  First, the server should be situationally aware enough to perceive this problem and rectify it by adding extra ice to the watery tea.  Not an ideal solution, but better than presenting a lukewarm beverage.  More importantly, the restaurant should ANTICIPATE the fact that there will be extra demand for iced tea EVERY DAY at lunchtime, and plan accordingly by making extra in advance of the lunch rush.  Apparently, this solution presents an overwhelming operational or technological hurdle, because so few restaurants seem to be able to make the grade on a consistent basis.  Perhaps if we all start to complain…

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