Wednesday dinner

As part of my annual ‘clean out the freezer’ ritual, I thawed a leftover piece of a prime NY strip from either Costco or The Fresh Market.  My intention was to cook it for New Year’s Eve, but we ended up going to a neighbor’s house for an incredible meal (still remember the squash risotto) and even better wine.

New Year’s Eve was Friday night, so by Wednesday I knew I needed to cook the meat.  It was raining an icy drizzle when I got home, so grilling was ruled out.  I cut the loin into 3 steaks, about 1 1/2 inches thick, seasoned with kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper, and seared them in a ripping hot cast iron skillet before finishing in the oven.  I served the steaks with sauteed garlic spinach and boiled potatoes finished with butter, chives, and parsley.

The meal served as a compelling illustration of just how good prime beef can be.  Despite the fact that they had been frozen under less than optimal conditions, then thawed and parked in a constantly opened fridge for almost a week, those steaks shined.  They were unctuous and delicious, and far better than any fresh choice steak I might have picked up on the way home.  Something to remember.

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