Saints-Seahawks Wild Card Game, 2011

We are all excited for today’s wild-card playoff game between our beloved Saints and the NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks.  The Saints are heavy favorites, but are injury-depleted at key positions, and Seattle is a very tough place to play for visiting teams.  We plan to gather with a few close friends, observe our peculiar Who Dat superstitions, and root the Black and Gold to victory.

The menu:

  • Beer-braised beef brisket
  • Dirty rice
  • Tender lettuce salad withbuttermilk-scallion dressing
  • Abita Golden, along with other beverages

Needless to say, the outcome of the game was a disappointment.  Dinner was good, but it wasn’t quite enough to lift our dampened spirits.

The dirty rice, made with pancetta and chicken livers, was particularly tasty.

Dirty rice, in progress

Dirty rice, finished










The brisket has become a standby, seared in my Le Cruset dutch oven and then braised in beer in the oven.  Davis says it is his “favorite kind of meat.”

Braised brisket

Pan gravy








I lost a bet with my friend Greg, and will be picking up the tab for dinner at Alinea in Chicago during the AAO in May.  Ouch!

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