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Lunch at the Fish Camp

Jennifer and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch on Friday with at Palm Valley Fish Camp. It is a great place- a menu loaded with fresh seafood and contemporary versions of traditional favorites. I had fried quail, served over creamy grits … Continue reading

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Quail Dinner

Alex and I went quail hunting on Sunday.  He has been with me once before as an observer, but this was his first day to actually hunt.  I was VERY proud of him.  he was safe, courteous, and respectful, and … Continue reading

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Friday night

Friday nights are always busy.  One of the boys always seems to have practice.  This time of year it’s flag football.  Dinner has to be something we can pull together pretty quickly after getting home from the fields. Fish can … Continue reading

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MLK Day, 2011

Today was a rainy, dreary day in sunny Florida.  We all had the day off, but the weather pretty much relegated us to the house. For breakfast, I decided to take yet another crack at pancakes.  For a brief period of … Continue reading

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Tri-tip steak

Last night’s dinner was an obscure steak cut called tri-tip.  It is not easy to find; the only place I’ve ever seen it is Publix at Nocatee.  Credit for the recipe goes to Mark Bittman.  After aggressive seasoning with kosher … Continue reading

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Sunday Supper

Sunday was a productive day. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you free up the part of your mind that has been devoted to the Saints for the last 18 months. I’m still disappointed they lost, but I’m getting … Continue reading

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Sierra Grille

Sunday lunch at Sierra Grille with Alex before taking the Christmas decor back to mini-storage. This place is always busy, which is no surprise, as the food is fresh and tasty. The chicken quesedilla is my guilty pleasure, smeared with … Continue reading

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